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Sabin Chintoan

Sabin Chintoan

Arad, Romania

The basic idea behind my art is: “NO to forced modernism”.

This implies visual art which is not mostly based on the concept, but equally on the concept and the plasticity of the image. I intend looking the plasticity in the most various subjects.

By “forced modernism” I understand an art who tries to overcome her limits, but without resources, so becoming devoid of content; an art who may seem substantial by concept, but who lack the physic body and this way becoming unconvincing or hard to understand.

I think that a successful art piece results by giving a proper place to the concept and to the representation.

So, I would like to find a balance between what a painting says and how she looks.

I like to experiment, so at the present I have canvas painting projects, street painting projects and other mural painting projects.

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